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Primum Agmen offers access to premier art through partnerships with a curated selection of the world’s leading galleries, auction houses, art fairs, foundations and museums.

Our team of art experts has a professional background, working with the world’s most respected auction houses which enables them to provide an exceptional service for many types of art, whether it is Impressionist, Old Masters, Islamic, Contemporary or many other genres of fine art or collectibles of interest to our clients.

The broad spectrum of services offered by Primum Agmen Art department provides opportunities to explore this field, not only to connoisseurs but also to novice and experienced art collectors and artists themselves.

Primum Agmen ensures that our clients receive invitations to the very best art fairs and exhibitions on a regular basis.

Private Collection Advisory

Private Collection Advisory

Building a collection is a fascinating journey. In order to collect art intelligently it is important to not only be able to effectively research, evaluate and purchase a single piece of art that attracts you, but to be able to choose each individual piece in such a way as to form a meaningful grouping.

Primum Agmen team of art experts can offer our clients extensive assistance in all aspects of collection building, from choosing which directions to take within an amazing variety of choices to how you would relate one purchase to another, including assembling and presenting art pieces together.

It is important to be a knowledgeable buyer when building a quality collection. Our strong partnerships with some of the most reputable experts, curators and collectors give us a greater opportunity for our clients to obtain advice from numerous professionals. It is often very useful to have a second opinion as a lack of comparison and market savvy may lead to unilateral decisions and over time your collection could possibly become less of what you originally intended it to be.

Once your collection has been built, our experts can provide a full service, including the report, appraisal and insurance of the complete collection.

Integrity, responsibility and confidentiality are the core characteristics of Primum Agmen’s professional approach, which has undoubtedly made us the preferred provider of refined services to some of the world’s great art collectors.



The team at Primum Agmen offers a full range of support services to artists in the early stages of their career as well as those artists who are already well established.

Most artists generally dedicate the majority of their time to create art works. Unless an agent is present, an artist does not have the privilege of spending time on a marketing strategy or organising an exhibition.

Our strong partnerships with the most reputable galleries, curators, dealers, critics and auction houses allow us to create opportunities to bring their attention to yet unknown works of art. Ultimately, based on a feedback, Primum Agmen offers assistance in receiving public recognition through various marketing strategies.

Over the years Primum Agmen has established a solid reputation in organising solo and group exhibitions at some of the most reputable galleries, attracting the major players of the art world.

I would like to thank the team at Primum Agmen for their remarkable support, outstanding proficiency and skill. Their exceptional dedication, devotion, incredible reliability, personal touch, amazing determination, sincerity and expertise are outstanding and one-of-a-kind. I truly hope to have the honor and the pleasure of continuing to work with the Primum Agmen team for a long time to come
Michelle Bokser


Education & Tours

Education & Tours

Art Education

Primum Agmen offers a full spectrum of options in art education, whether it is a Bachelor/Master degree or short tailor-made courses, workshops or art holidays. Our reputation is built on managing complex applications to the most reputable institutions of art. Our graduates have gone on to careers in the art world, having benefited from the highest quality education in History of Art.

Guided Art Tours

In order to help our clients to explore outstanding collections in national and world class museums and galleries, our professional team of art experts has created a special programme of guided tours and workshops, which can be tailored according to our clients’ time schedule.

Please contact us to discuss how we could assist you with your interest in the field of art education.