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Primum Agmen’s reputation has been built on successfully securing places for our clients at leading public schools and universities in the UK and abroad. This reputation is built as much on exceptional service as it is on expertise.

Our professional team of consultants is committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of your family through established links with top educational institutions and leading companies where our students are currently studying or working.

We are proud of our strong relationships with parents and the contributions that together we make to their children’s early learning.

Our experience in supporting families moving to the UK ensures that we understand and anticipate the challenges that families face, guaranteeing a smooth transition into the UK educational system for both onshore and offshore clients.

Primum Agmen is renowned for its personalised approach and expertise, ensuring that services are tailor-made for each family and child. Working in close collaboration with parents, our aim is to develop a bespoke educational plan to chart a child’s educational career from nursery to university and beyond. We help children make the best choices, which offer both stimulation and flexibility for future applications.

Please contact us to discuss how we can best help your child and your family to plan for a better future.

Primary Education

Primary Education


The earliest years of a child's education are fundamentally formative both in terms of cognitive and social development. So it is imperative that their first educational experience is positive and progressive. Every family and child is unique, this demands a bespoke approach specifically designed to adapt to the changing developmental requirements of the child as each pupil develops differently.

Choosing a nursery for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make. We understand the wide variety of choice and quality in the nursery sector makes placing a child a complex affair and can be very daunting.

Most reputable nurseries tend to have very high levels of demand and places are scarce, so it is essential to start looking well ahead of time. Our nursery placement service assists parents to make plans for their families as early as possible.

Primum Agmen team of experienced consultants can provide assistance at every step of this crucial selection process from initial research and advisory to application forms and initial visits.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

Pre-prep (4-7)

Primum Agmen provides assistance with securing places at pre-prep schools following on from Nursery. The pre-prep stage of education (between 4-7 years of age) focuses on encouraging early development of personal responsibility and independence and developing a well-balanced child.

Every member of our team shares an ethos that a child learns best when they are happy and secure, and when their individual needs are met through strong relationships with family, teachers and pupils.

The select group of schools we work with promote educational excellence built on tradition and offer numerous opportunities both academically and through sport and creative arts to cater for a wide range of interests. High staff-to-pupil ratios ensure teachers can dedicate significant time and attention to individual needs.

Some pre-prep schools may wish to interview the family and child prior to making an offer. Normally they invite the child to spend half a day in a normal class. These ‘taster days’ allow them to experience the school and allow staff to observe how well each applicant fits into a class of children of similar ages.

We have the expertise to support you through each stage of the process: from researching suitable schools, advice on place availability, interviews and entrance exams as well as evaluating suitability. Our assessments of a child’s aptitude and ability are well respected by our partner schools, often resulting in places being secured despite long waiting lists or closed admissions.

To discuss how to make the right educational choice for your family, please contact us.



Secondary School (11-18 or 13-18)

One of the biggest changes in a child’s life is starting secondary school, a time of excitement and new experiences, but also challenges and fear. Every child will need to meet new peers, make new friends and establish relationships with new teachers. Primum Agmen can provide the essential support to your child when they need it most.

All secondary schools have induction days at the end of the summer term where new pupils entering year 7 can visit the school and meet their teachers and learn where everything is. If parents have any concerns about their child's welfare at secondary school they should in the first instance speak to their child's form tutor, followed by the head of year or deputy head teacher.

GCSEs and Diplomas

After three years in secondary school children are officially assessed by their teachers. Students then need to choose their subjects for the nationwide GCSE exams. The GCSE is a mandatory examination at the end of year 11, i.e. the student’s fifth year in secondary school.

Students usually have to take tests in English, Math, and Science and they have to choose classes from the fields of Arts, Humanities, Modern Languages, Technology and Vocational Studies. After passing their GCSEs, students can leave school, attend another two years of upper secondary, or obtain a Diploma.

A-Level Exams

A-level exams are the main admission requirement for an undergraduate degree at universities in the UK.

Students prepare for their A-levels during year 12 and 13 in school, the upper secondary stage. For historical reasons, these last two years of education are still called “sixth form”, or “lower sixth” and “upper sixth”, in many places.

In year 12, most students study four subjects of their choice: one of them is completed at the end of that year as an AS level and dropped afterwards. The other three subjects lead up to three full A-levels after year 13. Some students may choose to complete four A-levels, if they can manage the extra workload.

Assessment for grading a student’s A-levels is based on coursework, written exams, and, in some cases, e.g. art - their practical skills. The selection and number of A-level courses may already influence a student’s success in applying for university, but no matter how impressed the admission office is with a candidate’s academic skills, he or she will only get a “conditional offer” for a place on a degree course.

Nationwide A-level results are normally published in August every year, students will then know if they can indeed attend their university of choice. If they don’t get the necessary grades, they may be forced to give up their place at university and select a different course.

IB - International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an international examination of high academic standing throughout the world. The IB is recognised by all UK universities and is, of course, highly regarded internationally.

The IB is also very popular with employers, due to the variety of skills that are developed as part of the programme.

Since its founding, the IB Diploma has become a symbol of academic integrity and intellectual versatility.

The most distinguishing feature of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is that it is a single holistic Sixth Form programme combining academic study with personal development. Pupils are required to study six subjects (three at Higher Level and three at Standard Level) along with the Core elements of the Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).

The IBDP is assessed through a combination of formal examinations, which take place during May in the Upper Sixth year, and coursework, which must be completed over the two years of the Diploma Programme.

The combination of breadth and academic rigour offered by the IB Diploma Programme ensures that pupils will enjoy a varied and challenging Sixth Form that provides excellent preparation for life at university and in the wider world beyond.

Foundation Programmes

Foundation programmes (also known as access or bridging courses) bridge the gap between the qualifications you have and those you need to enter onto an undergraduate degree course in the UK. Many FE (further education) colleges, sixth-form colleges, tutorial colleges, and HE (higher education) institutions, including universities, run these programmes.

Entry qualifications vary throughout the UK. Foundation programmes usually require international students to have successfully completed at least twelve years of education in either their home country or in the UK. Some specific foundation programmes require that your high school syllabus must have included maths and/or some science subjects, depending on the type of foundation programme you wish to follow.

These programmes are usually one academic year long during which assessment is usually done by essay or presentation, sometimes with end of term exams. You will either receive credits or often four grades, similar to those you would get from an A Level course. Your university offer will depend on your foundation programme results.

Primum Agmen’s team of specialists is happy to help you decide which GCSE’s, A-levels or IB subjects are right for your child and support them through the decision making process to ensure they succeed in their academic career.

Higher Education


Choosing the most suitable university is as important as the degree you study. The need for specialist advice when preparing for admission to university is one of the reasons that Primum Agmen Education was established. Every year we help students gain entry into the best universities in the world.

There are many factors that one should consider and research before selecting a course. Our consultants will guide and support applicants through the UCAS application process, offering advice in selecting degree courses, completing forms and writing personal statements. Further help is available with admissions tests for Oxbridge, medicine and other highly selective degrees as well as administering and monitoring the application procedures.

Our reputation is built on managing complex applications to a range of universities for overseas candidates whose first language is not English. Guidance is provided on the most suitable choice of subjects and individual colleges. All candidates also receive specialist entrance test tuition, as well as advice on reading lists and interview techniques to ensure the best possible preparation.

We can also assist with applications to universities in the U.S., including SAT tuition.

All of our tutors are selected from Ivy League or Oxbridge educated backgrounds. Every member of our team is experienced at coaching candidates in the strategies and techniques necessary to achieve the highest possible results.

As a graduate of London Business School and Cambridge University, I would like to thank Primum Agmen for help and support provided during the application process to these universities. It’s always a pleasure when you get to work with people, who are professionals and have expertise in the field. I will definitely recommend Primum Agmen to my friends and anyone who targets top world universities and is looking for a high quality educational services provider.
Yury Perevezentsev

Graduate of London Business School
and Cambridge University

To discuss the options available or to enquire about anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Boarding, Guardianship & Tutors

Boarding, Guardianship & Tutors

Day or Boarding Schools

Primum Agmen has helped many families find places for their children at leading public schools. Our consultants have enabled children to win places at some of the most prestigious establishments that are part of the Eaton Group schools and the Rugby Group schools.

Entry procedures and requirements for schools vary considerably, but in all cases the most important aspect of your application will be your child’s current results and references. It is essential to choose a school or college which will support them to achieve impressive exam results, as this offers the best chance of gaining entry to the university and degree course of choice.

In addition to the application, recommendations, and test scores, the school interview is often a key factor in gaining private school admission. It is likely that the family of the applicant will be invited to the school both to look around and to have a conversation, formal or otherwise, with an admissions officer and/or other staff. Depending on the child’s age, the admissions officer might hold a private interview with the child, or focus on speaking with parents.

Admission to a top public school demands a significant amount of administration. From registration and academic assessments, to providing school reports and references, most leading schools require a vast amount of paperwork to support any application. All our consultants are experienced at liaising with school registrars and bursars in order to ensure that all documentation is completed accurately and delivered in a timely fashion. Their personal and professional contacts with admissions offices of many of the top schools help to make this complicated process as efficient and effortless as possible.

We are immensely proud of our past and present students, many of whom gain scholarships at leading public schools each year and go on to lead flourishing careers.

We at King’s have worked with Primum Agmen for some years now and we highly recommend this company. Primum Agmen team is utterly professional and competent; they know the sort of candidate we are looking for and we have gained some wonderful pupils through them.
Bev Skilton

Assistant Registrar
King's School Canterbury

Stowe enjoys a close working relationship with Primum Agmen. We value Primum Agmen’s understanding of the independent educational sector, the expert advice and preparation it provides to families and the quality of the students that they have recommended to Stowe.
David Fletcher

Stowe School

Summer Schools

Summer courses provide an advantage to families looking to educate their children in the UK. The competition for places at leading schools increases year on year: gaining access to a summer programme enhances a child’s chances of a successful application at their institution of choice.

These programmes provide an unforgettable experience with additional English tuition, diverse activities and an engaging social programme, becoming a passport to new friendships and cultural understanding. All programmes are located in top independent schools with outstanding facilities and can be tailored to exact requirements including language, sports, arts or cultural development.

Staying with British families

Primum Agmen offers opportunities to stay with reputable host families enhancing knowledge of English language and British culture. We take great care in choosing the right host family for your children to ensure that they will feel secure, relaxed and be treated as a member of the family. All children gain access to a dedicated language tutor offering tuition in both English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English Literature in accordance with the National Curriculum. Each stay offers a diverse range of cultural and outdoor activities organised by the family.

Every child is matched to a family with children of similar age and supported by a full time tutor. We either place children on their own or in small groups. Each family is fully vetted and all members of the family aged 18 or above have CRB checks and are fully insured.

Primum Agmen has an extensive experience of advising families on summer programmes at leading boarding schools and bespoke placements with our partner host families. In addition to representing some of the best summer language and activity courses at British boarding schools, we have devised our own effective methods to learn English through language and cultural immersion.

To find out more about how our summer programmes can help your children access leading public schools please feel free to contact us.


Independent schools will not admit overseas pupils under the age of 18 unless they have a local guardian. The level of involvement that each school expects from Guardians varies between institutions but the welfare and wellbeing of their pupils are becoming increasingly important.

This is a legal requirement as The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), which is responsible for student Visas and Boarding Schools, requires all students under 18, whose families live overseas, to have a legal guardian who is resident in the UK.

Guardians perform several roles. They provide a place for your child to stay during the numerous school holidays. Compulsory exeats are often existent at many schools, weekends and half-term breaks when all pupils have to leave. Guardians may need to serve as your representatives, making decisions on behalf of your child. For example, signing forms, attending parents’ evenings and being available in an emergency, if your child falls ill or is temporarily or permanently excluded from school. Guardians also assist with travel arrangements and half term holidays. In addition, guardians are sometimes required to manage financial transactions such as school fees and spending money.

All Primum Agmen guardians are fully insured and CRB checked, experienced and trained to deliver the highest standards of care. A great additional benefit, that some of them have, is being part of the Primum Agmen team of specialists, which gives them an advantage of knowing the family and the child from the first day of making an application to school.

Primum Agmen is immensely proud of the success of our pupils, which is always exemplified by the dedicated care of our excellent team of guardians.

To find the right guardian for your child please do not hesitate to contact us.

Internship and Career

Assistance with choosing the right career path is one of the essential services that Primum Agmen provides to students. It is a long and responsible process, which usually requires one-to-one mentorship and guidance on every aspect of their career whether it is volunteer work, internship, work placements or job offers.

Internships provide students with a meaningful experience that enhances their employability and skills. Primum Agmen has established links with leading companies, family offices, financial institutions, auction houses and galleries, allowing students unrivalled first hand insight into their chosen career field. Each intern is paired with a consultant who provides supervision, guidance and coaching throughout the internship as well as formal feedback at the mid-point and at completion.

To receive a desired job offer, each applicant has to go through several stages from writing the correct resume, passing numerous interviews and assessments to successfully accomplishing the duties during the probationary period. Primum Agmen’s team of specialists offer full guidance during this important phase of career development from initial job search and selection through to placement and beyond.

To find out how we can assist you with your career path please feel free to contact us at any time.

Gap Year

Some students who need time to adjust to the freedom and independence that university offers, find that taking a gap year is advantageous, offering a chance to learn about oneself, develop increased confidence and skills, embrace different cultures and develop a more rounded personality.

Many graduate employers have a good understanding of the benefits that a gap year offers and the wide range of soft skills it helps to develop. Graduate entry-level jobs require these skills in equal measure alongside academic ability because formal qualifications do not give employers much comprehension of an applicant's competence in these areas.

Primum Agmen can offer advice on gap year options and work experience placements that will enhance employment and higher education prospects as well as providing fulfilling experiences, ensuring that time spent in the UK or overseas, is extremely beneficial.

Private Tutoring

Gaining a place at your school of choice is becoming increasingly challenging as competition for places at leading schools increases every year, the need for the right type of support at the right time, makes all the difference. A personal tutor can often find a weak area and address the problem whereas a teacher may overlook this in a larger class of children.

Our tutoring service works in tandem with the school curriculum to provide close monitoring of your child’s development increasing their chances of getting into the best schools. Every member of our tutoring team has the qualifications and experience to ensure that your child is above the standard required by the time they sit their entrance exams.

Each child assigned a tutor will benefit from a completely individualised, results-driven, confidence building experience. By understanding your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as their individual personalities and learning styles, we can provide an intelligent and successful match to one of our expert tutors.

Residential tuition is also available where tutors live with a family during their holidays providing individualised tutoring to one or more children. Tutors can also organise and supervise recreational, sporting and cultural activities for children during this time.

The reputation we have cultivated for consistently providing the highest quality tutoring, common entrance test preparation, and admissions advice makes us immensely proud of our team.

It has been a real pleasure collaborating with the Founder and Director of the Primum Agmen Group, Elvina Gilvanova, and her exceptional team over the past two years of my work. From unique client relations to the smallest details, everything has always been of the highest standard, which allowed me to concentrate on the most important aspect of the work, the teaching.
Among the most commendable qualities of the Primum Agmen team are their direct approach, intelligent management and a very personal touch, which always enables them to resolve any issues speedily and efficiently. I am very much looking forward to expanding our working relationship and building new exciting business and education opportunities
Benny Maslov

Actor / Dancer / Singer / Choreographer